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Haunted AF Episode 6-Season 4

This new Haunted AF is packed with all kinds of great stories! We've got an update from the Kalita Humphrey's Theater, which is allegedly haunted by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You can see both the man and the building pictured above and hear previous stories about the Kalita Humphrey's Theater HERE.

We also interviewed Addy about the bizarre ball of light he recently filmed during a storm. This video has caused loads of debate on TikTok, so Addy answered the questions that had been posted there.

We also heard the story of Mozart, a stray dog who adopted Eastern Kentucky State College as his home. You can see his picture above and read more about him HERE.

And stay through the end to hear Cody's story from Afghanistan, which is already one of our Season 4 FAVORITES! Don't forget to share the Haunted AF podcast with your scary-story-loving friends and send your stories to hauntedafpodcast@gmailcom. We take written or recorded, audio or video, because we love to see your faces and hear your wonderful accents!

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