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Haunted AF: Episode 6-Season 5 (The Grandpa Ghost & His Bloody Overalls)

There's so much to unpack in Episode 6-Season 5 of Haunted AF (listen HERE)! One of our first ghost stories came from James, who has a bear made from his grandmother's robe (that's it above-right). Is that who has visited him twice now? We also shared an amazing story about an American Airlines pilot who spotted something over New Mexico. Read the full story HERE and listen to the audio below. Thanks to Steve Douglass from Deep Blue Horizon for this story!

We also revisited the crazy TikTok that @joshdean0222 posted. Was his daughter pulled under the bed or did she CRAWL there? Lots of debates around this one!

Don't forget to send YOUR scary stories to so we can use them on the next Haunted AF! We take written or recorded, audio or video, and please include any evidence you have (photos, videos, we even like your sketches!). We'll leave you this week with a Daffy Duck video featuring Neon Noodle, the psuedo-shadowman who was apparently haunting Shari!

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