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Haunted AF: Episode 7-Season 5 (The Hamburglar Ghost)

So much to cover in Episode 7-Season 5 of Haunted AF (listen HERE)! First of all, remember that you can watch the whole thing on YouTube (just be patient with our low-production skills) where you'll also find the photos and videos we talk about each episode. We spend some time with Jamie's "holler" where she's seen and heard things she can't explain. Jamie said she was close to where the show Hellier was filmed, which is about the fabled Kentucky Goblins. You can watch the whole series HERE but we'll post Episode 1-Season 1 below.

We also talked about multiple haunted schools, including the one Meghan works at. Here's a video she sent to us, showing a closet door closing on it's own, but they've experienced far more.

We talked to Danean about the wild activity in her house, including the voices her security cameras have picked up. You can watch those below.

And we celebrated the Haunted AF Two Year Anniversary by revisiting Ron's story from Episode 1-Season 1. We talked Christy, who works at the Pettigrew State Park in North Carolina, where Ron encountered what he believes is the ghost of Brigadier General James Johnston Pettigrew. Christy shared more amazing facts about the park and sent some pictures of the nearby Pettigrew cemetery.

You can still stay on the campground (ask for Lot #13) and even hike to the cemetery, but don't get angry if the man above keeps you awake! Don't forget to send YOUR scary stories to! We take written and recorded, audio or video, and remember to send any evidence you might have. We'll leave you with Ron's story from Episode 1-Season 1, one of the first things we EVER taped for the Haunted AF podcast!

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