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Haunted AF: Episode 8-Season 4

Episode 8-Season 4 of Haunted AF is dropping on the first day of October, so it's the perfect time to tune out the world ('ll feel better if you do) and listen to scary stories! This week we heard from Emma, who found ghosts on the Vindicator Trail in Colorado. She sent pictures of her hike, but is still searching for the one she thought included phantom faces. That's also the house they explored above, decorated for Christmas (oddly enough).

Dottie told us about the wild experience they had at the Excelsior House in Jefferson, TX. Click HERE to reserve a room there and ask for the spot with Stephen Spielberg's famous haunted rocking-chair. We heard about Poogan (pictured above) and the Charleston, SC restaurant that's named after him (click HERE for reservations) and Quin told us about the fireball he witnessed with his Mom and countless other people in Durham, NC (read more about that HERE).

We were also lucky to get some ghost stories from UK comedian, Anthony Young. We absolutely love him and had to share a bit of his work below (watch out because it contains loads of delicious profanity). Check it out but only after you've sent YOUR scary stories to!

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