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Haunted AF: High AF, Dressed in Tighty-Whities & Hunting Ghosts

Are you ready for your haunted vacation? Because Haunted AF is helping you plan in Episode 8-Season 5 (listen HERE). We found a creepy campout on a Texas battleground AND a Gangsters & Ghosts tour in the heart of Chicago. We even found a virtual tour of England's most haunted city which won't cost you a thing. We started this episode though, with Melissa's haunted coffee shop (pictured above-see the giant windows) and Samantha's story about the face in her sister's phone.

See the reflection on that tiny screen? Samantha's mother thinks it's her cousin, whom she lost in a car accident years ago.

Jamie also sent more pictures of her holler.

Looks beautiful, right? Well, she has more chilling stories to share about it.

We had a lovely Dead Pet of the Week tale from Mary, who recently lost her sweet Mattie & Lola. Then Denise shared the sweetest story about her Mom, which we've decided to call simply, "Never You Mind." We also talked to Brennan from The Ghost Story Guys podcast about the experiences that piqued his interest in the paranormal and a ghost that was decidedly not dead.

Don't forget to send YOUR scary stories to! We take written and recorded, audio or video, and remember to send any evidence you might have. We'll leave you this week with another Tesla-in-a-Cemetery video, this time from Rachel. Is Elon Musk messing with us?

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