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Haunted AF: Minisode 1 (December 2020)

Haunted AF just dropped our first minisode of 2020! You can find it on our Patreon Page, where we plan to release new content until Season 5 kicks off January 28th. This 3-part episode contains stories about the Catacombs Haunted House in Kansas City, multiple ghostly tales from Maggie and Allison, a WILD incident with an SLS camera (thanks to TJ) and more creepy kids, courtesy of Catherine in Ireland. We also spend some time with an EVP from the Salem Witch Dungeons and try to figure out what on Earth he's saying. Remember to send your TOP 10 STORIES OF 2020 to for our New Year's Eve episode (please record yourself saying why you loved them) and check back next week for the next Haunted AF Minisode!

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