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Haunted AF SURPRISE EPISODE Featuring Sonja O'Hara from the Film "Mid-Century"

We're interrupting our break to bring you some spooky stories AND our chat with Canadian director, Sonja O'Hara (listen HERE). Her creepy new film Mid-Century, which explores everything that can go wrong with your vacation rental, is now available ON DEMAND and in select theaters. We also had to share Jason's story about his K-9 partner, Rolo (see him below)...

...and Savina's story from across the pond. Haunted AF returns August 4th and we're already collecting stories so please send those (audio or video) to so we can use them in Season 8 of Haunted AF! Watch our interview with Sonja O'Hara below and stick around to the end to watch the Mid-Century trailer!

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