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Haunted AF Tracks Down the Fort Worth Monolith (or "Minilith")

Huge thanks to @EricTheOffRed for telling Haunted AF about the monolith he found near a walking trail in Fort Worth, Texas! Julie headed out there to take a look and found it right off of Beach Street near the Fort Worth Rowing Club. Rebekah was working her full-time job with Miles in the Morning at KLUV (like the grown-a** woman she is) and couldn't go, but Julie FaceTimed her to show off her discovery. Rebekah encouraged Julie to push the whole thing over (it would've been easy) but she restrained herself, giving everyone else time to get their Fort Worth Monolith Selfie. You can read more about the monolith phenomena HERE (they've been found all over the world, from Utah to Romania) but this one is slightly smaller than the others. They tend to be 10 to 12 feet tall and, since the Cowtown version only reaches about 8 feet, we're dubbing it the "Minilith." Please send the selfies you take with this or any monolith around the world to!

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