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It's a Haunted AF HALLOWEEN!!!

It's our biggest episode of the year: Happy Haunted AF Halloween! This time, we've got more terrifying tales from that haunted farmhouse in Bardstown, Kentucky (hope to have pictures of that place soon) and a chat with host of Darkness Radio, Dave Schrader. Season 2 of Dave's latest show The Holzer Files on the Travel Channel kicks off tonight with a freaky story about a disembodied hand! You can find local listings HERE.

We also talked to Jo about her haunted British bungalow. She sent fantastic pictures of her former home, including one of her reunited family.

Don't forget to catch Haunted AF on The Kelly Clarkson Show this Friday (10/30/20)!!! Click HERE to find where it's airing in your city and know that we'll post links here and on all of our social medias, once it's aired. And remember to send YOUR scary stories to so we can share it on the next Haunted AF!

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