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Need More Haunted AF Right Now???

Haunted AF will return with Season 4 on August 13th but there are PLENTY of ways to keep up with the podcast right-freaking-now! Did you know that Haunted AF was featured on Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast recently? You can listen to that on iTunes, Spotify, or directly from the Web is Jericho website. Rebekah and Julie also just released a surprise episode that features an interview with EVP Specialist, Kamran Pasha (iTunes, Spotify). Pasha reached out to share his experiences at the Stanley Hotel (read his Huffington Post article HERE) and the conversation took an unexpected but illuminating turn. You can also follow the brand-new Haunted AF TikTok page, for creepy photos and videos shared by people from all over the world, or become a Patron on the Haunted AF Patreon page, where new content is being shared each week. That should keep you busy until the podcast returns August 13th, and remember to send YOUR scary stories to! By the way, we are now taking audio and video, as well as written versions of your stories!

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