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"Protection Charms" from Haunted AF & Vintaglio Jewelry

Jewelry that helps fund our new studio!

We were pretty freaked out when we started visiting the haunted places we'd heard about on Haunted AF. Our first stop was Chris' house, where that terrifying RING-doorbell ghost called home. We packed our bags with sage, rosaries, holy water, and cheap red wine (of course) but how else could amateurs like us protect ourselves? We were laughing about this later with our friend Dean Stith, who happens to make gold and silver pieces for his own store Vintaglio Jewelry.

Dean said, "Why don't we make some charms out of those protection symbols from your logo?"

And a collaboration was born.

Find the necklaces HERE and know that a portion of the proceeds go back to Haunted AF to help fund the podcast (and hopefully assemble a new studio!). Take a minute to look around Dean's Vintaglio Jewelry site while you're there because he makes gorgeous pieces that you're just not going to find anywhere else!

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