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Rosie's Haunted Deck Chair (from the Queen Mary)

Queen Mary Chair
Anybody want some haunted furniture or terrifying dolls???

Haunted AF recently learned about a woman who was selling a deck chair from the Queen Mary, so we HAD to go visit her. Grandma Rosie in Garland not only had this chair from the First Class quarters of that famous ship, she also had ghost stories to go along with it! Unexplained events have apparently occurred since she brought the chair home, like pounding on the walls and doors opening and closing on their own. Rosie is selling the deck chair for $1000 (negotiable) but she'll also throw in this collection of scary dolls free of charge (as if a haunted chair wasn't enough)! Contact Haunted AF if you're interested and do it soon because we're going to reach out to the Zac Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas! Then take a minute to listen to Mark Walters' terrifying Queen Mary ghost story from Season 1 HERE!

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