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Season 6 Finale: A (real) Savannah Haunting

How are we ALREADY wrapping up Season 6 of the Haunted AF podcast??? Listen HERE and check out all the cute Halloween costumes people sent in on YouTube below. Congratulations to Maria and her son for winning the Haunted AF Doll in the Hall Challenge. They just scored $200 worth of gear from for this adorable video.

Huge thanks to Josh for the Haunted AF illustration he made for us and to Sofia, who shared the painting she worked on while listening to the podcast. She's blaming us for the kitten that showed up inexplicably in her work while she listened to our Dead Pet of the Week segment!

We shared a story about a haunted school in upstate New York, which you can read about HERE. You can also see pictures from the fire 100 years ago and the poor girls who didn't make it out.

Mike shared a story about the haunted house he's lived in for 25 years AND sent this adorable picture in his new Haunted AF t-shirt! Remember that you can find one (or maybe a hat or hoodie) in the Haunted AF online store. Then Rebekah told a wild story about the Honey Island Swamp Monster and author Justin Alcala told us about the old woman who haunts his neighborhood. If you're hoping to check out Justin's new book, Dead End Job, you can find it HERE. We shared an email from Deanna, who spent a terrifying night at the Hill House in Mineral Wells, TX. Julie received her email the very same day a local news station ran a story about the house and how the reporter and crew had a bizarre experience there. Watch that story HERE and reserve your room at Hill House HERE.

We wrapped the season by chatting with William Mark McCullough, the writer/director/actor who returned to his Savannah, Georgia home to film inside the haunted house he grew up in. The result is

A Savannah Haunting, which is hitting the film-festival circuit right now. Paranormal activity in house got so intense while filming, they set up security cameras and filmed a secondary documentary about it!

Haunted AF is taking a well-deserved 3-month break, but you can still find exclusive spooky content on our Patreon page. Rebekah and Julie will also be covering new movies on the Movie Minute podcast throughout the holidays and Oscar season, which you can find HERE or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Keep sending those scary stories to though, so we can share them this February in Season 7 of Haunted AF!

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