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Season 9 Finale: Bye (For Now)

Can't believe we've reached the end of another season. This finale (listen HERE or watch below) hits a little harder too because Haunted AF is going on hiatus until October. We got some incredible stories to part with though, including some from Nicole of the Northwest Ohio Supernatural Investigations. Her team investigated a bizarre orb phenomenon that didn't seem to be dust or bugs (like we usually assume). What do you think is going on here?

They also investigated the Randolph County Asylum and came away with creepy SLS images of what they called a "crawler." You can have a look at those below, and then wish you hadn't.

We also heard from Heidi whose husband was stationed at the old Marquette Coast Guard Station and heard some incredible stories there. Most centered around Captain Cleary, the original keeper of the Marquette Life Saving Station back in 1891. He apparently still likes to smoke his pipe.

We're taking this time to update the podcast and hopefully make it self-sustaining, but we'll continue posting exclusive content on our Patreon page starting June 2nd. If you can, please become a Patron at In the meantime, keep in touch with us on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or on our YouTube channel. And please keep sending your stories to so we can use them on the next (because there will be one) Haunted AF!

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