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The 5 Most Haunted Spots in North Texas According to Haunted AF

Nothing like GHOST KIDS to keep things creepy af.

Those of us who live in Texas hear the same ghost stories every Halloween. They're usually about haunted seafood restaurants, crusty Jefferson hotels or the "Lady of White Rock Lake" (that no one actually sees). Haunted AF knows there are plenty of ghostly happenings in our region though, and in places you rarely hear about. That's why we compiled this list of the Top 5 Most Haunted Spots in North Texas and they're all based on actual stories told by Haunted AF listeners.

A haunted attraction that's ACTUALLY haunted? Tell me MORE!

Alex has worked at Reindeer Manor for years and told us all about it's sordid past. Two suicides and one murder on the property have left this haunted attraction with some true horror stories. Those who work there have even scarier tales to share. They tell of a shadow man who walks the grounds of the 13th Street Morgue and disembodied voices engaged in an endless lovers quarrel in the Main House. We assumed the Reindeer Manor ghost stories were just another way to sell tickets until listeners jumped in to say they had heard the voices, too. Hear the whole story in Episode 13 of Haunted AF's Season 2 and find Reindeer Manor HERE.

Maybe wear your hair UP when eating here.

Security cameras at this popular pizza joint recently captured footage of women being poked or pulled by invisible forces. The ghost stories around this historic Carrollton, Texas neighborhood go back long before Cane Rosso opened though. They seem to stem from 1913, when a woman named Toy Green committed suicide nearby. That entire block of South Broadway has allegedly been haunted since, with unexplained shadows, noises and reports of "Toy" written on windows and mirrors. Haunted AF visited Cane Rosso, where Julie's phone went haywire until they were back in the parking lot. Listeners have also experienced unexplained sounds and strange shadows in the bathroom. Hear the whole story in Episode 8 of Haunted AF Season 2 and find Carrolton's Cane Rosso HERE.

Who doesn't love a haunted hotel???

The Nutt House sits on the historic Granbury square and was originally owned by the Nutt family in 1858. Those who work there claim to regularly see the ghost of Mary Lou Watkins, who ran the restaurant in the 1960's. The Nutt House is near the Granbury Opera House, which is often called the most haunted location in Texas. Haunted AF hasn't gotten any creepy opera house stories, but we did hear two tales from this old hotel. One listener's phone wouldn't allow her to take photos while she stayed there and another heard recurring child laughter outside their door, but found nothing but an empty hallway. You can hear these stories in Episode 6 of Haunted AF Season 2 and find The Nutt House HERE.

Ghost kids terrorize the businesses around this plot!

Haunted AF learned about the Mooneyham Sparkman Cemetery through an article in the Dallas Morning News, where there was a brief mention of ghosts. We interviewed several of the nearby businesses and heard countless tales of ghostly footsteps, touches, and specifically a young boy who appeared around the offices. We were shocked to find several graves for children in this extremely small plot of land. You can hear more about the Mooneyham Sparkman Cemetery in Episode 11 of Haunted AF Season 2.

Frank Lloyd Wright is NOT COOL with the changes they made to his plans!

Theaters in general are notoriously haunted, but the Kalita Humphrey's Theater in Dallas appears to have a special ghost. It was designed by esteemed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, but he died before the building was completed. Some changes were made to his original plans and Frank is apparently not pleased with them. Theater staff often finds props inexplicably thrown about and hear unusual noises. Actor B.J. Cleveland told what is one of our FAVORITE scary stories, where the ghost of Frank Lloyd Wright just might have followed him into the bathroom. You can hear that in Episode 4 of Haunted AF Season 2 and find the Kalita Humphrey's Theater HERE.

And remember to keep sending YOUR stories to so we can share them on the next Haunted AF!

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