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The Ghost of Olivia Newton John

Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John. Photo: MICHELLE DAY

Roughly one year ago, we lost music icon Olivia Newton John. While she may be gone from this life, death hasn't stopped her from making a few family visits. It appears that Olivia keeps popping in from time to time to check in on her daughter and her husband.

According to Olivia's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, the two bonded over the paranormal. While watching a spooky TV show together, Chloe told her mother, "You gotta show up for me." Olivia told her, "I'll show up as one of those orb things."

And that's exactly what she's done.

Coinciding with the one year anniversary of Olivia's passing, both Chloe and her husband, John Easterling, have seen Olivia in the form of a blue orb. They believe the color blue is significant because it's a reference to Olivia's aquamarine necklace. It was a gift from her husband that she passed down to Chloe just before her death.

Just two weeks after Olivia's passing, Chloe's phone accidentally snapped a picture of her dog. In that photo, slightly to the left of the dog's head, a little blue orb can be seen.

John also had a similar experience while spreading Olivia's ashes in Peru (which is where the couple wed back in 2008). He took a selfie with his phone that showcased another bright blue orb, right between his eyes.

Both Chloe and John seem pretty happy to have Olivia back in their lives, even if only for a few quick glimpses.

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