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This Podcast is Haunted as F***

Rebekah Black and Julie Fisk have been working together for ages. They started filming movie reviews together for CBS Radio in Dallas/Fort Worth in 2012, and they've found excuses to hang-out ever since.

Black & Fisk
There's a story behind this, but you might not want to hear it.

Rebekah and Julie spent years covering films (ask them about the time they interviewed Seth Rogen in prom dresses) but found a common love in, of all things, Ghost Stories. Hence the creation of Haunted AF, a podcast that features real-life ghost stories, told by the people who experienced them. Sure the podcasts are scary but they get pretty funny, too. Click HERE to check out their very first episode, or find Haunted AF on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or any other podcasting platform. Also, do YOU have a ghost story you'd like to share? Send it to if so because they always need more stories!

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