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Wanna See the "Lady of White Rock Lake?" We Found Your Tour!

Lady of the Lake
Have YOU Seen the Elusive "Lady of White Rock Lake?"

Haunted AF has mixed feelings about the Lady of White Rock Lake. Rebekah and Julie love ghost-stories (especially ones that are close-to-home) but they don't believe this particular woman-in-white exists. Extensive research digs up plenty of stories about the drenched girl who hitches rides with unsuspecting strangers, but no actual witnesses. Maybe that will change during the ghost tour that's happening Saturday July 20th! You'll join a paranormal group and use they're ghost-hunting equipment as they search for the Lady of the Lake in Dallas! Find more details and purchase tickets HERE, and pay close attention to the line at the bottom that strongly advises you to bring "extra warm clothes." It's July in let us know how that turns out. Oh, and Haunted AF did find ONE person who claims to have seen the Lady of White Rock Lake. Actor Kevin Sorbo will tell you all about that below:

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