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Wanna Tour a Haunted Sanitarium for Halloween?

It's still a million degrees here in Texas and almost impossible to think about Halloween, but (believe it or not) spooky season is upon us and the local haunts are filling up fast! If the idea of a (somewhat) local, ghosty sanitarium is your idea of Halloween've come to the right place.

You could spend All Hallow's Eve with the supernatural nuns of the Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells! Tour the hospital while listening to ghost stories and learning its history (if you like that sort of thing...we prefer the spooky stuff). According to, reports of "squeaking wheelchairs, cries of pain, the smell of blood, the spirits of nuns, and people in white gowns" are common for the Nazareth Hospital. You'll also want to watch out for Vern, a prankster ghost that enjoys tripping people on the stairs. Seriously, we love Vern already!

And while it's been in the low hundies here in Texas, the Nazareth building runs somewhere between 20 and 40 degrees cooler inside. Not that you'd need a sweater right now, but you might when October rolls around.

The tour includes snacks and drinks for a mere $98 so, if all of that excites you, give Angela a text to reserve your spot (817-629-8127). Remember to tell 'em Haunted AF sent you!

Happy Haunting!

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