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WELCOME to Season 6 of Haunted AF!

Welcome to Season 6 of Haunted AF! We kick things off with a bang in Episode 1 (listen HERE), or more specifically with what appears to be a vegetarian werewolf. We've also got stories about ghosts that like to play tag & one that will impersonate your mom when she's really mad. We've even got some creepy audio from a woman who found mysterious voices on her Alexa! If you missed Danean's strange videos from June, watch those below. Watch out because that first one is a doozy!

Have you binged all the episodes and still want more? We posted exclusive content all summer long on the Haunted AF Patreon page, which you can join HERE. Check out the video of Episode 1-Season 6, if you want to watch us scream along with your stories, and remember to keep sending them to (written or recorded, audio or video) so we can use them in Season 6 of Haunted AF!

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