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What Can YOU Do for Australia?

(Photo from the New York Times)

Haunted AF has been bragging for months about all the listeners we have in Australia, so we felt we should do everything possible to help them during this horrible time.

The good news is that recent storms have helped contain some of the fires, and more rain over the next few days could possibly bring an end to this nightmare. There's still so much to be done either way, and so much need to be addressed. Fortunately, several agencies are already collecting funds.

Please help if you can.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service is raising money to help the families of firefighters killed in the blazes and The Victorian Government (with Bendigo Bank and The Salvation Army) is collecting funds for affected families and communities.

The Australia Red Cross has been continuously working to care for people in their evacuation centers and recovery hubs. You can also donate to Foodbank to help get food to them.

The Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (or WIRES) is Australia's largest wildlife rescue group. They desperately need help finding and assisting affected animals, and all of their animal rescuers are volunteers.

You already know the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital thanks to Steve Irwin and his lovely family. Their hospitals are packed with injured animals, and they are currently building new enclosures for koalas and flying foxes that were displaced by the fires.

The World Wildlife Foundation Australia is helping injured animals and will plant 10,000 indigenous trees in areas that had large koala populations. The Animal Rescue Craft Guild is helping by crocheting blankets and pouches for injured animals. Visit their Facebook page to see their work in action.

We know that this is just the tip of the Help Australia iceberg, so please tell us about any other verified fundraisers in the Comments below!

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