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Your Next (Socially Distanced) Haunted Vacation

Were your haunted-vacation plans sidelined, thanks to Covid-19? Well, according to this article, you might be back in business. The Read House in Chattanooga, Tennessee was recently renovated and is now open for business (with social-distancing guidelines in mind). This historic hotel was built in 1867, right on top of the charred remains of the hotel that sat there before it. It has a rich history, but is most well-known for Room 311, where Al Capone lived during his trial (it's also said to be haunted by a man who was murdered there in the 1920's). The entire hotel has been updated with modern amenities, but designers gave Room 311 its former 1920's decor, to enhance the trip back in time. You could round out your trip by hitting the nearby Sweetens Cove Golf Club for 9 holes. This course is famously isolated and you're even encouraged to bring your dog!

Need more creepy vacation ideas? Try for ghost tours and haunted hotels near you, and remember to bring your mask!

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