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Episode 10-Season 6: Unwanted Souvenir from the Crescent Hotel (& what's up with the corncobs?)

Episode 10-Season 6 of Haunted AF (listen HERE) kicked off with our latest Doll in the Hall Challenge video. It was a bust but we still think it's pretty cute!

Remember to submit your Haunted AF Doll in the Hall video before October 22nd so you'll have a shot at $200 in gear from!

We also told Mike's story from his anniversary trip to Eureka Springs and the Crescent Hotel. Julie promised to share some of her photos from a spring break trip to the hotel. That last shot is from the ghost tour, while inside the morgue!

Kaye shared this Facebook memory with us. She took a picture of her cats because she thought their glowing eyes looked cool. She was surprised to see 4 sets of eyes though, when only 3 cats were sitting there. Kaye hopes it was her cat Bronwyn, who had recently passed away.

We also talked to Kristy from The Old Timey Crimey podcast, who shared a true-crime ghost story from her very own neighborhood. It's about a little girl named Karen Mauk who was murdered on Halloween night in 1957.

Huge thanks to this week's Haunted AF sponsors, the City of Ghosts audio-drama and Remember that supporting our sponsors is another great way to support our podcast!

Haunted AF will wrap Season 6 on October 28th, right before Halloween. That means you only have a few more weeks to submit your stories! Please send those to and remember we take written or recorded (audio or video) versions of your tales. We do have a few rules though:

1) Your experience needs to be tangible, not sensed. That's why we normally don't use stories about psychics or mediums.

2) Brevity is key. It takes a long time to get through your stories so the shorter ones often get our attention first. Omit anything that isn't 100% important (things like the lay-out of your home or what you'd done on the day leading up to your experience can usually be dropped).

3) The story must be yours or told to you by someone close to you and it must be, to the best of your knowledge, TRUE!

We absolutely love hearing your voices so give that voice-memo app on your phone a try (I promise it's easier than you think) so we can hear YOU on Season 6 of Haunted AF!

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