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We're so sad to see Season 4 of Haunted AF come to a close but honestly...we're exhausted.

It's been such an amazing year though, with fantastic guest appearances (Ghosts in the Burbs, Dark Histories, Pleasing Terrors, and Boos and Bourbon to name a few) and some incredible appearances of our own (namely The Kelly Clarkson Show and Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast). We kicked off this episode (listen HERE) with a story from Monterey, near California's abandoned Fort Ord. You can read more about it HERE and take a minute to go through the photos because they're creepy. We had a tale from the Kenley Aerodrome (pictured above) and a couple of Dead Pet of the Week stories too, including Grayson's below.

Anthony Young from the UK shared an encounter he had on an old British highway. Anth did some research and found others who'd seen the same thing, which you can read HERE and HERE. We got an update about Brent Underwood and his abandoned mining town in Cerro Gordo. One of his old hotels caught fire over the summer but Brent is still working to turn it into a tourist destination. You can (and should) follow Underwood's adventures on his YouTube channel, Ghost Town Living.

Ambra told us about her bizarre encounter at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC (pictured above) and Becky Vickers shared details of her recent Oklahoma ghost-hunt to Beaver's Bend (you can follow her adventures and join their next trip at Cody (who shared a terrifying experience in Afghanistan earlier this season) told us about the ghostly German soldiers at Camp Geiger (Read about German POWS in Dallas, Texas HERE- Julie's daughter wasn't lying!) and we got an update from Jesse about the Ghost Adventures crew and what happened when they showed up to his B&B. Actually, you can just watch the whole episode below!

Haunted AF will continue posting new content on our Patreon page between seasons, so keep sending your stories to We need your votes for our Top 10 of 2020 as well, which will air on New Year's Eve. And check back on January 28th when we return with all-new stories in Season 5 of Haunted AF!

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